Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pitching Clients for Radio, and Talk Show Appearances

Publicity Agenda: Let's Get Ready for 2010 and Line up our Duckies:

It's time to start lining up opportunities for our 2010 Publicity campaigns. Time to think about which opportunities our clients are right for. Time to build a target list, check editorial calendars for the entire year, and come up with ideas that link the client to media agendas.

After we've done all this, let's put the peddle to the metal and start pitching. We need to hit assignment editors, radio and tv show producers and also reporters...

According to the editors at Public Relations Ideas, on the web: The most importnat thing to presenting an idea to a producer is the pitch.

Landing the pitch is the best step we can take to getting our clients booked. We'll need to make sure to keep our wording simple, and try to keep it short. If the client is a celebrity, or a famous author, we need to drop the name right away. It gets the producer interested and listening.

Also, if the pitch is tied to current events, mentioning its relevance will help. Whatever we do, we've got to make sure to be quick and concise, because producers will immediately dislike our pitches if we can't articulate them.


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