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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

AUDIO INTERVIEW: TV Host Audra Lowe Says Infant Belongs to Husband Not Mathew Knowles.

By Billie Jordan

There was a big stink. People all over the country were surprised and some were livid. Was Pop/R&B singer, Beyonce’s dad really going to be a new father. Plus, could it be true, was he really fathering a baby with a woman who isn’t Tina Knowles, his wife.

Turns out, a court order and DNA test said, yes it is true. But, was it the woman who was first rumored - the woman whose name, video and photo images remain implicated at several places on the internet. Is Audra Lowe, host of the nationally syndicated lifestyle show “Better”, a home wrecker, and the woman thought responsible for Tina and Mathew Knowles’ impending divorce, which as of today may be off.

Lowe, who’s lifestyle show includes discussion on relationship perspectives says no, it’s not true. She was pregnant alright, but the baby belonged to her husband. Lowe said she and her baby suffered death threats. She also said she’s nearly 100 percent sure of the person’s identity who started the rumor, and she believes she also knows why. After involving her legal team many of ther rumors were forced down - off of the internet, but some, which had already gone viral, remain.

The TV show host mentions laws that say public figures have far fewer rights to privacy than an ordinary person and says she's open game, but its considered defamation when reports aren't true. she warns her audience before believing anything that they find on the internet, readers should make sure its from a reliable source. Plus, Lowe tells EURweb what she's up to next.

Listen in to the EURweb Audio Interview with Audra Lowe.
EURweb host Billie Jordan finds out the interesting details.

Audio Interview

EURweb Interview with Audra Lowe Internet Reports Said She's Matthew Knowles' Baby Mama by The Mooney Twins

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Urban Celebrity is Charitable with “Still Standing” for Monica’s 3oth Birthday Celebration

By Billie Jordan

(Monica's 30th Birthday Pink Carpet Video below)

It was a wild scene, high class and Hip-hop urban entertainment meshed together Sunday night at Philippe Chow in Beverly Hills. They honored Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Bullets for Peace while they partied for singer, Monica’s 30th Birthday.

No doubt, it was an awesome scene to witness. Think varying levels of self mastery, fine living and passion for just about everything; spread out on one pink carpet.

Derek Fisher was there, Lamar Odom, Denise Williams, Angela and Vanessa Simmons, Golden Brooks, Raven Symone, Kenny Lattimore; need I say more. Oh no, it didn’t stop there; Black Hollywood debutantes, athletes, hip hoppers, and cultural tastemakers were on the scene for the cause.

Urban entertainment’s elite swarmed in one after the other wearing pink ribbons and draped with silver bullets, all in support of Monica’s Still Standing Foundation and its programs, and of course they came to party.

Red Carpet Report

The host Monica, whose temperament was elegant and poised, showed with her fiancé and they moved coupled down the pink carpet together posing for the cameras. Oh yes, and the love seemed to be clear.

It should be mentioned that Monica appears one snazzy lady; celebrity looks good on her. And EURweb happens to know (from an earlier interview) that Monica’s class and strong head on her shoulders is the result of good home training and was handed down by the strong and loving women of her family.

“Reach for the stars and not look down on others, but look down to help others,” Monica said in a statement for the press.

In keeping with an urban/southern sophistication and desire to give back Monica asked her family and celebrity friends to donate money in the name of her Still Standing Foundation to the Susan Komen Foundation – Susan G. Komen for the Cure –
the global leader of the breast cancer movement.

Billie Jordan was on the scene and spoke to some of Monica’s most exciting celebrity guest.

Celebrity Interviews: By Billie Jordan for EURweb
Monica Turns 30 Video: Produced, filmed and edited by Billie Jordan for EURweb

YWCA Greater Los Angeles Black and White Benefactrix Ball 2010

Red Carpet Report
Find out what happened after the redcarpet below.

YWCA Dazzles in Beverly Hills for Benefactors

By Billie Jordan

Administrators at the YWCA Greater Los Angeles showcase high class indulgence at the 5 star luxurious, Beverly Hills Hotel - when donors meet for their annual Black & White Benefactrix Ball. October 22, 2010 was no exception.

Popular faces in entertainment and politics showed to honor humanitarians and to raise funds in preparation for the YWCA GLA Job Corps program’s big move to its Downtown campus in 2012.

“When I think about the caliber of honorees we are saluting this year, it reminds me of the majestic eagle…When the storm rages, the eagle spreads its wings to soar and go higher,” YWCA GLA's CEO, Faye Washington said in a note for the ball.

Speaking of soaring eagles - celebrity guest, sponsors and philanthropist arrived dressed in stunning attire and ready for a ball fit for congress; literally. Congresswoman Diane Watson was there and bestowed the 2010 Silver achievement award. Plus, Antonio Manning, the Region Executive for JPMorgan Chase & Co. Global Philanthropy Group was bestowed the Corporate Champion Award, and Daphna Ziman, founder of Children Uniting Nations, the Sorumundi (Sisters of the World) Award.

Wearing bowties and black and white dining attire, sharp and attentive waiters served a delicate salad with chunks of fine blue cheese. Dinner which followed, was mashed potatoes, asparagus, decorated pear and about four ounces of flame broiled beef and another four ounces of white fish, aside it. It was an elegant setting. Oh and there was quality red and white wine to a donor’s heart desire.

While the media had its way with stars of the red carpet, the ball room quickly filled with upstanding and elegantly dressed people, largely African American.

Celebrity supporters included actress, Rachel Grant (007 Die Another Day), actress Mirtha Michelle (Fast & the Furious), model Marilin Archie (She's Got the Look), actress Tangi Miller (Felicity), actress Kiki Shepard (Showtime at the Apollo), actress Shanica Knowls (Hannah Montana), Holly Mitchell (Democratic candidate for State Assembly in California's 47th District), among others.

“If you sneeze, raise your hand or breathe, I consider that a bid,” Actress and Comedienne, Kim Whitley said.

After a request for a $50,000 dollar pledge had no takers, the first to lead the evening was a pledge for $5,000, several takers for $1,000 and a wave of $100 pledges came in at once.

In just under 10 minutes pledge leaders had raised more than $8,000, during the fun. While proceeds from the silent auction won’t be revealed until later this week, YWCA of Greater Los Angeles, reports $57,000 in pledges that evening.

The highlights of the evening hosted by radio personality, Adai Lamar of KJLH’s “Free Talk,” included an auction by Bang the Gaval - with all the exciting details of an auction; there was the excitement of bidding and the speedy, low pitch voice customary for auctioneers; Ziman’s story about meeting the homeless girl she would later adopt; and vocalist, El DeBarge’s coveted performance. (One of the Items auctioned was a portrait signed by the late entertainer, Michael Jackson.)

Financial gifts and auction earnings to pay for student household goods; including towels, sheets, bathroom items and electronics.

The YWCA published an Urban Campus Gift Catalogue for supporters and can be accessed online at:

The 2010 Black & White Benefactrix Ball participant sponsors include, Edison, Union Bank, Chase, Wells Fargo and Los Angeles Confidential Magazine.

As ballroom attendees left for escorts to their cars, party hostesses, suited in black distributed black gift bags containing fun items from sponsors, including a Lexus keychain, a copy of the Los Angeles Confidential magazine, Human Natures sun flower beauty oil and other cosmetics.

Celebrity Interviews: By Billie Jordan for EURweb
YWCA Red Carpet Report: Produced, filmed and edited by Billie Jordan for EURweb

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Kanye West Evokes Spirit of Walt Disney and Fendi in Short Film - L.A. Premiere "Runaway" Reviewed

Film: Runaway
Star Cast: Kanye West, Selita Ebanks
Cinematography: Kyle Kibbe
Music: Kanye West
Director: Kanye West
Art Director: Vanessa Beecroft
Producer: Jonathan Lia
Story by: Kanye West
Written by: Hype Williams
Editor: Dereck Lee
Costume Design: Phillip Lim & Martin Izquierdo
Visual Effects: Company 3
35 minutes

By Billie Jordan

Want to get out of the house and feel incredibly moved, awe struck, and multi-sensorial-ly stimulated, then “Runaway” is a short film Hip-hop fans, entertainment critics, plus ardent devotees of fine “culture” alike will love to devour. Directed by Kanye West, “Runaway” was created to accompany West’s new album “My Dark Twisted Fantasy” releasing Monday November 22, 2010. This movie, a short film of epic proportions is more than just a musically inspired fairytale; the director (West) has tried successfully to capture the best of cinematography, sound and profound psychological meaning within a 35 minute time frame.

“I wanted to do a film that represented the whole album… I got a bunch of crazy ideas to really bring all the emotions I connected with as a child… [with a magnitude like] the mission I thought Walt Disney was on. I thought what would I do if I were five,” West said.

The film starts out with Griffin, played by Kanye West running with all his might down a scenic black road, surrounded by great trees, when a voice narrating the introduction creates the wondrous and nostalgic feeling of the greatest Walt Disney animations. The voice, which begins sweet and calming, grows dark and fierce; the sky turns red, we see a standing deer – the scene is an explosion of magnificent color and then a fiery eruption from the sky. All which hints that what’s next is a larger than life film; and the viewer is already drawn in, completely.

Moments later we see the Phoenix, played by the Selita Ebanks ejected from the sky and strewn on the ground – she is absolutely beautiful and costumed in nothing but magnificent wings and feathers placed only on the most intimate locations; her body nearly bare and in top form. She is a mystical creature, whose beauty is striking and Griffin has found her and is taken aback. We see him carrying her in his arms.

The music plays we hear lyrics “Can we get much higher…” a song from West’s new album, “My Dark Twisted Fantasy beams.” His album is the sound track for the film, and is moving. There are French sub titles to accompany English dialog. Though the characters speak infrequently the film holds its stunning appeal.

We see Griffin has brought the Phoenix back to his extravagant home, and on the television a news caster is speaking in French. In this scene Griffin tells the Phoenix “First thing you need to learn, baby – Don’t pay attention to anything you see in the news.”

We see the Phoenix crawling around on the grass in a lavish yard, she is exploring; there is a sheep and a dog in the yard with her. The film continues and completes just as amazingly as it began. The phoenix who’s beauty in “Runaway” should be talked about for ages is seen dancing otherworldly, and exotic; wings outstretched and her nearly bare breast abundant and erect. Griffin is absorbed with watching his possession. He continues to observe the phoenix in curious amazement, contemplating her beauty and innocence throughout the film.

Later we see a dining area and a long fine dining table. Seated are affluent, well dressed blacks in white linen. The servers are all white women, and standing in wait -hostesses dressed in short white dresses, reminiscent of Roman slaves, although contemporary. (Here we might ask is this scenario part of West’s “…Dark Twisted Fantasy,” as implied by the album’s title.

Griffin enters with the Phoenix. The scenery is rich and classic guest, all gawk at the Phoenix’s beauty and strangeness. She becomes insecure and tries to appease guest at the table. Somehow, Ebanks' coyness in this scene reminds me of Thandie Newton in the naked and pregnant, on-the- porch take in Oprah Winfrey’s movie “beloved.”

Next, Griffin strums the background cords of the theme song on a white piano, and soon after Ballet dancers waltz in, dressed in black ballerina costumes, each with their own design. They perform a dance routine to “Runaway” the theme song of the album; their bodies are strong and firm, and even voluptuous. Their movements magnificently graceful and their routine is choreographed perfectly to base driven hip-hop music, but remains classy. The dancing and music are exquisite. At one point the Phoenix is shown with legs open and a portion of her crotch exposed, while enjoying the performance.

The theme song booms “And I always find, yeah, I always find somethin' wrong
You been puttin' up wit' my shit just way too long. I'm so gifted at findin' what I don't like the most
So I think it's time for us to have a toast” the music plays “baby I got a plan runaway fast as you can”

This scene ends with Griffin taking a bow to the dancers as they end their number and waltz out of the room. He places his hand to his heart in appreciation. We notice that both the dancers, along with the servers are all white women. When the servers, mostly blonde bring in the dinner platters we see an elegant setting with several cooked birds and a beautifully displayed creature still feathered on the center piece. The camera focuses on the Phoenix who is terrified and reveals great outstretched wings fluttering in preparation to flee, we stay with her as she cries out; the moment is remarkable.

We move to a night scene, there’s a marching band carrying an enormous replicate of the late singer, Michael Jackson’s head, there are hooded men in red mask, reminiscent of the white clan masks, a boy runs carrying a tall instrument leaking red smoke.

We pan to Griffith and the Phoenix sitting on top of a hill, and we hear her speak for the first time. She asks Griffin a philosophical question, and the pair discuss the great statues on the streets - that the phoenix believes were once mystical creatures turned to stone. In a moment of insight she tells Griffin, “Anything that is different [humans] try to change;” - (hence the theme song, “Runaway.”) They also discuss her fate, which is soon revealed. We find out why Griffin was running.

Billie Jordan's Review in Short: Runaway” was explosive; perhaps the most awesome and meaningful short film I've seen, ever. The colors were brilliant; the images were larger than life. This film was magnificently beautiful and incredibly touching. The sound was awesome and anchoring. My senses were heightened and I could feel the music and the films exquisite beauty through my body; I frequently moaned in delight.

“Runaway" is infused with a societal message, based on an intolerance of differences. This movie portrays excellence and significant beauty in diversity; it displays fine culture intertwined with hip-hop music.

Bullet Points from the Los Angeles Premier of “Runaway.” Billie Jordan was on the scene in Hollywood.

“My whole world crashed after a moment of honesty,” West said.(Referring to the Taylor Swift saga at the Video Music Awards ceremony -2009)

• The album “My twisted fantasy includes drops from singers: Elton John, Alicia Keyes, Rihanna, John legend, fergie, and kid Cutie. “It sounds completely seamless and completely ghetto as F..K,” West said.

• In an emotional speech after the showing of his film, West told the audience he took a break from music for 6 months, and travelled to Rome where he interned with Fendi, it was there he said that the inspiration for the movie came through.

• “West said, [authorities] in the music industry make artist scared to be authentic.

• He also said, “I’m not F…… scared anymore, if you put me in front of the screen I’m telling the truth. It doesn’t matter to me anymore everything has been taken away from me.” He mentioned the death of his mother and trouble on the home front.

• West spoke fondly of the 60-year- old women who passionately made clothes for Fendi, referring to them as artist.

“If I have this position - that can make people wear skinny jeans... What do you do with that creativity,” West said. “I’m a soldier for culture… In the position that I am in, I have to fight for those that don’t have. The people who I have energy for – I have to do it for them.”

• He told the audience that dropping albums is what he needs to do to maintain.

• West said his short film “Runaway” came from a place of wanting to do better.

• Kanye West, once a middle classed black kid turned wealthy pop superstar is endowed with fine culture, finds it intriguing and vows to share it with his urban counterparts. – Kanye West said at the Los Angeles premiere that he vows also to seek perfection “with every bone in his body” and create the best artist expressions possible, as long as he has the resources.

• Fendi, the design company that Kanye West interned with in Rome is globally known for unabashed extravagance and consistently produces some of the world’s most coveted “it-bags,” including the “baguette” (designed by Silvia Venturini Fendi) which debuted in the nineties and remains a hot commodity. The double-F logo was created by Lagerfeld in the sixties, and shaved into Kanye West’s hair several decades later.

• “Runaway” premieres in NewYork, Thursday October 21, 8P.M. at the Land Mark Sunshine Theater

By Billie Jordan

Monday, October 18, 2010

TV One Celebrates Fall 2010, and Presents “K-Ci and JoJo Come Clean”

Reporting From Hollywood

By Billie Jordan

"Fall for TV One," a stunning event in Hollywood October 14, attracted an array of celebrities; there were singers, actors, rappers, talk show hosts, comedians; film and TV executives – the gamut in African American entertainment. All who showed to support TV One and its brightest stars kick off Fall 2010 – the networks new season of programming.

It was a night to remember, the red carpet was studded with Black stars reaching as far back as the 70’s, the 80’s and the 90’s; who mixed vibrantly with budding new celebs, and popular TV, radio and film personalities of today. Inside the venue, celebs danced and enjoyed upscale finger food and drink while the host of the evening actor, Anthony Anderson entertained more than 400 guest and rapper, record producer, Doug E. Fresh emceed the night’s affairs.

Many came to support head lady, Cathy Hughes, and others came to honor peers associated with TV one’s Fall 2010 programming; featuring “K-Ci and JoJo…Come Clean,” TV One’s new reality series premiering Oct.19 at 9P.M. Plus, “Unsung,” and “Washington Watch with Roland Martin.”

“I just like to support Cathy Hughes and I think she’s fabulous. [Cathy] has just done things that can make a black woman really be proud to be a black woman.” Telma Hopkins said.

Red Carpet Report EURweb was on the scene and spoke with urban America’s most adored celebs about their relationship with TV One, and working with peers on the networks Fall 2010 shows. Also, guest of the evening talked to EURweb about their histories in the public spotlight, upcoming projects and inspiring details about successes, their recent on camera experiences and landing roles in Film and TV.

Enjoy video footage produced by your host, Billie Jordan on the scene for EURweb and Billie Jordan's Publicity News Brief.

Bullet Points -- Here’s What Billie Jordan Found Out That Night:

K-Ci and JoJo endure radical medical treatments, physical training and medical and spiritual therapy to help them stay sober in “K-Ci and JoJo… Come Clean,” a new nine-episode reality series. Beginning Tuesday, Oct.19 at 9P.M. ET.

Telma Hopkins travels this week to Connecticut where she’s slated to play in a new film with Ice Cube, “Are We There Yet.” She didn’t have to audition for the part – She just got the call. “In Are We There Yet,” Hopkins will play a 55-year-old “cougar” who dates men younger than her son.

• Did you know Telma Hopkins, was Nell Carter’s best friend “Addy” Wilson in “Gimme a Break” Plus, she was a singer in the 1970s pop group Tony Orlando and Dawn.

Mikki Howard is working on a book about her life.

Tommy Davidson, who has kids in college, will also play the lead voice of Will Smith’s up-and-coming cartoon series, "Youngin’s."

Kendyl Joi is fresh on the scene, and “Love That Girl!” is her debut television series. • “Love That Girl” is Executive Producer, Bentley Kyle Evans’ first original sitcom.

Karyn White is executive producer for a new T.V. reality show “No Silver Spoons” in the works and in talks with TV One.

TV One serves 50.3 million households, offering a broad range of real-life and entertainment-focused original programming, classic series, movies, and music designed to entertain, inform and inspire a diverse audience of adult African American viewers.

Decades of Celebs & TV Execs Party with TV One at Boulevard 3

Reporting From Hollywood

By Billie Jordan

Boulevard 3 at Sunset was perhaps, the most exciting place to vibe on Thursday, October 14. More than 400 Hollywood types showed for TV One’s “Fall for TV One” celebration. It was strictly party time as the network honored its brightest stars and celebrated new programs and its Fall 2010 lineup; including “K-Ci & JoJo...Come Clean,” “Unsung,” and “Washington Watch with Roland Martin.”

The stunning event mixed top executives and celebrities of old and new. Celebrity attendees & peers were clearly delighted to see one another and decade’s worth of favorite stars like Thelma Hopkins, Christopher “Kid” Reid, Miki Howard and bright young stars like Tatyana Ali and Flex Alexander, many who’ve burned a permanent place in the hearts of fans nationwide. Other stars and notable appearances include: head lady and Chairman, Cathy Hughes, Bently Kyle Evans, Miguel A. Núñez, Jr., Phill Morris, Alphonso McAuley, Kendyl Joi, J. Anthony Brown, Rolanda Watts, Shanice, Lee Bailey and many more; and from the sheer look of things all seemed to enjoy the festivities incredibly.

“ Fall for TV One” was an impressive celebration housed at the former Hollywood Athletic Club - a landmark with a 70 year history serving as playground for the stars.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Heated "JujuMama" Saga - A Fiery & Controversial Reality Love Drama Played Out in Real Time on Facebook, Lures Voyeurs

- Think New Aged and Urban “Big Love”

By Billie Jordan

It would take something of this magnitude to bring even the hopelessly retreated out of hiding, eagerly. JujuMama, LLC., run by husband and wife team Carl E. and Kenya Stevens explores a spiritually adept, but controversial and renewed paradigm of love; Let’s say “Big Love” style mixed with new age and eastern philosophy.

An exciting episode of the Stevens polyamorous love affair takes root and is played out for the world to voyeur and dissect on Facebook; and dissect they do.

Facebook comments start rolling in after Carl makes and apology to his Mississippi lover, Crystal George for identifying her, when a video show talk host asked about his “side piece”. This thread went on actively for weeks and clocked in nearly 100 passionate comments and counting. Carl's Apology Thread

“Although I don’t believe the host had any negative intentions… we still need to represent our loved ones and other people in the right way. Crystal is my girlfriend and someone whom I love and cherish with all my heart and soul and I will do better to honor the relationship we have,” Carl Stevens said.

Although in a society where broken systems, including American monogamy, are guarded with great ferocity, the taboo formerly associated with polygamist style relationships is fading and up for hot debate. Women seem to be warming up, and curious; and men - well let’s just say they seem excited.

Still warmongers persist, and according to Khayr Love El, a JujuMama facebook supporter, some miss the mark; wielding unsolicited judgment and old world advice in the form of concern.

Meanwhile, Kenya handles the fiery facebook thread philosophically and admits that angry comments directed at her husband’s lover, Crystal, (in a metaphysical sense) are manifestations’ of her own (Kenya’s) mind, and also individually mirror the players, including the facebook “friends” posting comments.

“Love is growth. I too apologize. I’m sorry, I thank you, I love you, please forgive me,” Kenya Stevens said.

For lovers of metaphysics and new-aged spiritual laws, this facebook drama turned into a playground where multiple imbedded story lines/undertones/realties played out as individuals ranted and worked out a variety of belief systems; all while mirroring one another’s love or ferocity.

In the end the Stevens and their new family member, Crystal work out their dispute amicably and demonstrate love and willingness to work out fallibles; misunderstanding, egoism, jealousy, insecurity, fear, control, etc.

It is clear, the big picture in the eyes of the Stevens; is ultimately “Bliss” love and spiritual growth.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Actor Lucius Baston, Appears to Meet and Greet Fans at the Florida State Fair World Village International Entertainment Area, Friday February 12, 2010

For Immediate Release Contact: Billie Jordan
February 9, 2010 323-383-2687
Actor Lucius Baston, Appears at the Florida State Fair World Village Entertainment Area, Friday February 12, 2010 3-6 P.M.
The Florida State Fair and the World Village International Entertainment Stage Presents a Meet and Greet with Tampa Bay’s shooting star, actor Lucius Baston

WHO: Long time resident of Tampa, Florida; Actor, Lucius Baston originally from South Richmond Hill Queens, New York. Baston plays Deshaun “Midget” Hackett in the Action/Adventure Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, starring Nicolas Cage and Eva Mendes. And the Florida State Fair, World Village and International Talent Stage. Baston plays Shelton in the Lifetime Movie Networks “The Wronged Man” and appears for the first time on TBS as Leroy Williams, for the upcoming season finale cliffhanger “Payne-ful Resolution” in Tyler Perry’s “House of Payne”. Additionally, Baston is guest on NBC’s “Daytime” with Cyndi Edwards, Dave Nemeth and Lindsay MacDonald.
WHAT: The Florida State Fair, World Village International Entertainment Stage- An area featuring international entertainment, culture, historical tributes, and authentic foods from Hispanic and African American influence, presents a celebrity meet and greet with Tampa Bay’s shooting star, actor Lucius Baston. Baston to sign autographs, greet fans and Florida residents.

WHERE: Florida State Fair - 4800 US Hwy. 301 North, Tampa, Fl.
33610 The World Village area.
WHEN: Friday February 12, 2010. 3P.M. -7P.M.
All MEDIA WELCOME: For additional information, interviews or appearance request for Lucius Baston please contact Brownstone Publicity Hollywood at (323)383-2687 or via email:

Lucius Baston, Reveals all and Discusses his Amazing Last 12 Months in TV & Film with Cyndi Edwards, Dave Nemeth & Lindsay MacDonald on NBC’s Daytime

MEDIA ADVISORYFor Immediate Release Contact: Billie Jordan
January 26, 2010 323-383-2687
Lucius Baston, Reveals all and Discusses his Amazing Last 12 Months in TV and Film with Cyndi Edwards, Dave Nemeth and Lindsay MacDonald on NBC’s Daytime, Wednesday February 3, 2010Baston has juicy stories to share with morning TV and tips us off
on upcoming projects and plans

Actor, Lucius Baston; rising star fast tracking his way to fame. Baston is the long time resident of Tampa, Florida, originally from South Richmond Hill Queens, New York; who plays Deshaun “Midget” Hackett in the Action/Adventure Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, starring Nicolas Cage and Eva Mendes. Baston also plays Shelton in “The Wronged Man” and appears for the first time on TBS as Leroy Williams, for the upcoming season finale “Payne-ful Resolution” in Tyler Perry’s “House of Payne”.

WHAT: Lucius Baston is special guest on NBC's morning show "Daytime" with Cyndi Edwards, Dave Nemeth and Lindsay MacDonald. “Daytime” is syndicated and airs on NBC, CBS and on the RTN, ION and INDY TV Networks. Baston discusses his amazing last 12 months in television and film and also tips us off on his upcoming projects and big move to Atlanta Georgia and plans for dual state residency.

WHERE: Daytime is syndicated and airs on NBC, CBS and on the RTN, ION and INDY TV Networks.

WHEN: Wednesday February 3, 2010 at 10 A.M. To see stations and times for cities across the southeast and major markets countrywide
visit: http://daytime/

Monday, January 25, 2010

Billie Jordan get’s Up Close and Personal with Monica: As she ends the first season of her reality show “Still Standing”

By Billie Jordan

Although “Still Standing” might imply that Monica Denise Arnold, professionally known as Monica, was dragged through the mud and experienced tough blows and tough challenges; the R&B singer, song writer isn’t just a broken survivor, she thrives. EURweb talked to Monica candidly about her philosophies for living, her closeness and dedication to family, the season finale of her reality show Still Standing" and her upcoming plans.

Monica was just 11-years- old when she was discovered; And went on to rack up unprecedented sales, establish herself firmly in the music business and make a name for herself while still just a teen. She grew up with a loving and supportive family and managed success that the singer admits she never would have imaged for herself. Plus, she proved with flying colors she could make it through a reality show, virtually un sacrificed. So what was the point of the dramatic title, Still Standing?

It’s true she witnessed the death of a boyfriend, and that she suffered a wicked relationship. And by her own accord, it’s true that just 10-years-ago her life was full of drama. But when asked if she had a hard life she said:

“Tougher than some, but not as tough as others. You know, I don’t look at anything in my life as things that I wish I didn’t experience. Let me just say that as bad as things have been there have been moments that were just great.”

So then, what’s the title all about? Apparently Monica was interested in sharing with her fans what it’s like to raise a family- have a personal life, deal with obstacles and juggle a music career. “Sometimes you have to go through it to get to it,” Monica has said. So “Still Standing” the reality show turns out a testament and an example for her fans, and not a plea for sympathy.

Straight ahead, Monica concludes the season finale of “Still Standing.” the 29-year-old tips us off there is talk about season two, as she continues to prepare for the impending release of her album slated to release March 8, 2010 with the same Title, and the launch of Regions of Rock, her clothing line intended for little boys.

In the distance, even though Monica suffers with high blood pressure, she’s no victim. When asked what keeps her going she said:

“My grandmother always told me when I was very young giving up was not an option, moving forward is,” she said. “Some of the things that I do if you write it down on paper it looks really difficult, but I don’t think about it because I’m just moving forward. So for me it’s passion, it’s love for my children first and foremost, but also its what I’ve been taught.”

As for how Monica cultivated the courage to move forward with the boldness of a reality show. Monica confided with her family members and they made the affirmative decision together, after they understood the show would reflect her life the way it is now. And if it could help to illuminate things for her fans, regarding juggling life in the music business, it was all worth it.

On another note, because music has been her whole life Monica said it might be possible she missed out on a childhood, but she couldn’t tell since she’s never experienced anything different to compare it with.

Furthermore, Monica said she doesn’t regret spending her youth in the business, she loves her life and what she’s able to accomplish for her children.

“Whatever they dream of I can assist them in making it happen.”

In the end, the reality show maven sights her mom as one of her biggest inspirations and greatest influences, and a large part of the reason why she’s sane. Monica said her mother wasn’t a stage mom and really wasn’t interested in the music business at all, in fact things were very normal for Monica when she got home. And perhaps that’s exactly why she is “Still Standing.”

As a side bar, Monica told Billie Jordan that her relationship with fiancé and the father of her children Rodney “Rocko” Hill Jr., is more than just the - I need a rough neck syndrome. Stating that when she met him she had just experienced the death of her former boyfriend Jarvis and she needed someone who was strong, she wanted somebody who wasn’t just focused on music. Monica said, Rocko knew she was hurting and wanted to protect her and that made her fall in love with him more. So he was just what she needed, when they got together.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Mooney Twins Host an Evening Celebrating Bo

For Immediate Release
January 6, 2010
Contact: Billie Jordan

The Mooney Twins Host an Evening Celebrating Bo at the Celebrity Centre International, in Hollywood

The Taylor Foundation Inc., Launches New Foundation; The Taylor Family Foundation for Kids Inc., in Honor of Bo

WHO: The Mooney Twins best known for their roles as Kenny Rae and Benny Rae in the 1979 sports/fantasy comedy film “The Fish that Saved Pittsburg,” and deeply loved for their contributions to the entertainment industry; their great strides in the human potential movement, community social activism and in connection with their father, the legendary, Paul Mooney. As social philanthropist, the Mooney Twins enjoy a long list of humanitarian awards and honors that span the 30 years of their careers in comedy and public speaking.

WHAT: The Mooney Twins host an evening celebrating the Late Bo Taylor and support the Taylor family as they launch The Taylor Family Foundation for Kids Inc., in Honor of Bo Taylor. Special Guest Speakers Include: the new LAPD Chief; Charlie Beck, LAPD Deputy Chief; Patrick Gannon. Keynote Speaker: Aquil Basheer, Internationally renowned Violence Intervention Specialist, Special guest speaker: Blinky Rodriquez Executive Director of, Communities in Schools. Special Invited Guest Include: Antonio R. Villaraigosa

WHERE: The Celebrity Centre International, 5930 Franklin Ave
Hollywood Ca. 90028

January 16, 2010 - 6P.M. to 10 P.M.

ALL MEDIA WELCOME For Interview request, please contact Billie Jordan at Brownstone Publicity Hollywood (323) 383-2687 or email

Click the link below to view:
Channel 7 News Video with the Mooney Twins on conscious comedy

Publicity Co- Oportunity - Let's Share Bacons 2010 Media Directories package and Directories QuickSearch

PR Friends: Publicity co-op. Let me know if you'd like to go half or participate in a three way sharing to purchase Bacon's 2010 Media Directories package which includes: Bacon's Newspaper/Magazine and Radio/TV/Cable 2010 Media Directories and Bacon's Directories QuickSearch.

The Bacon's Newspaper/Magazine directory contains information on every daily newspaper in the U.S., Canada and Mexico, all community newspapers in the U.S. and Canada, over 24,000 trade and consumer magazines, newsletters and journals.

The Bacon's Radio/TV/Cable directory contains detailed editorial and contact information on every U.S. and Canadian broadcast outlet – be it a national or regional network, a broadcast or cable station, a network news bureau, program syndicator, or a news, talk, entertainment, or public affairs program.

Bacon's Directories QuickSearch provides you with access to the latest updates.

Package - 2 Core Directories & Quick Search - $1,345.00 - I am looking for one or two publicist or boutique firms to share the cost with me. I will maintain the books and provide free customized list for your campaigns as you need them.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pitching Clients for Radio, and Talk Show Appearances

Publicity Agenda: Let's Get Ready for 2010 and Line up our Duckies:

It's time to start lining up opportunities for our 2010 Publicity campaigns. Time to think about which opportunities our clients are right for. Time to build a target list, check editorial calendars for the entire year, and come up with ideas that link the client to media agendas.

After we've done all this, let's put the peddle to the metal and start pitching. We need to hit assignment editors, radio and tv show producers and also reporters...

According to the editors at Public Relations Ideas, on the web: The most importnat thing to presenting an idea to a producer is the pitch.

Landing the pitch is the best step we can take to getting our clients booked. We'll need to make sure to keep our wording simple, and try to keep it short. If the client is a celebrity, or a famous author, we need to drop the name right away. It gets the producer interested and listening.

Also, if the pitch is tied to current events, mentioning its relevance will help. Whatever we do, we've got to make sure to be quick and concise, because producers will immediately dislike our pitches if we can't articulate them.



Saturday, December 12, 2009

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Lucius Baston is a Locomotive; Touch Down! Can You Say: Tyler Perry's House of Payne

Lucius Baston, who plays the role of Deshaun "Midget" Hackett in "Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans", has added another accomplishment to his fast paced career. In addition to playing the role of "Shelton"in the Lifetime Movie Network "The Wrong Man", which airs January 17, 2010, Baston will play Leroy Williams, in "Tyler Perry's House of Payne". It'll be interesting to see this locomotive shine.

Nicolas Cage said Lucius Baston is ready for Hollywood. Werner Herzog loved Lucius' dailies with Nicolas Cage. It looks like Tyler Perry, TBS, and the Lifetime Movie Network's crew of "The Wrong Man" all agree. Lucius Baston is in the house.

Lucius went head to head with veteran actor Nicolas Cage, unflinchingly. Watch Lucius Baston's career. We've witnessed just the beginning. Bet on it.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

An Actor to Watch: Rising Star, Lucius Baston, Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, in theaters now. Plus, Recent and Upcoming Film Releases

"Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans", in theaters now, A top 10 film in both the Toronto and Venice Film festivals, showcases an actor to watch; newcomer and rising star; Lucius Baston

“Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans” is a 2010 Spirit Awards Nominee for Best Cinematography, and Oscar speculators say a “Best Actor” Nominee should come from this camp.

Now for: Recent And Upcoming Film Releases

"Antichrist", Lars Von Trier, Film Comment critics gave this 24out of a possible 32 stars

"Bad Lieutenant Port of Call New Orleans", Werner Herzog
In this film, look out for newcomer, Lucius Baston. He is an actor to watch!
Film Comments, critics gave this film stars across the board; 21 out of 32 stars

"Big Fan", Robert D. Siegel, Film Comment critics gave this 20 out of 32 stars

"The Boys Are Back", Scott Hicks, Film Comment critics gave this 8 out of 32 stars

"Broken Embraces", Pedro Almodovar, Film Comment critics gave this 14 out of 32 stars

"The Burning Plain", Guillermo Arriaga - Beware; Two out of eight, Film Comment critics said this bombed. Film Comment critics gave this 5 out of 32 stars

"Capitalism: A True Love Story", Michael Moore, Film Comment critics gave this 18 out of 32 stars

"Coco Before Chanel, Anne Fontaine", Film Comment critics gave this 14 out of 32 stars

"The Damned United," Tom Hooper, Film Comment critics gave this 17 out of 32 stars

"The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus", Terry Gilliam, Film Comment critics gave this 7out of 32 stars

"The Invention of Lying", Richard Gervais & Matthew Robinson, Film Comment critics gave this 11 out of 32 stars

"Jennifer’s Body", Karyn Kusama, Film Comment critics gave this 9 out of 32 stars

"The men Who Stare at Goats", Grant Heslov, Film Comment critics gave this 10 out of 32stars

"Paranormal Activity", Oren Peli, Film Comment critics gave this 11 out of 32 stars

"Police, Adjective", corneliu Porumboiu, Film Comment critics gave this 23 out of 32 stars

"Precious:Based On The Novel Push By Saffire", Lee Daniels, Film Comment critics gave this 20 out of 32 stars

"The Road", John Hillcoat, Film Comment critics gave this 13 out of 32 stars

"The September Issue"
, R. J. Cutler, Film Comment critics gave this 13 out of 32 stars

"35 Shots of Rum", Claire Denis, Film Comment critics gave this 22 out of 32 stars

"Up in The Air", Jason Reitman, Film Comment critics gave this 14 out of 32 stars

"Where the wild things are", Spike Jonze, Film Comment critics gave this 28 out of 32 stars

"Whip It", Drew BarryMore, Film Comment critics gave this 13 out of 32 stars

"The White Ribbon", Michael Haneke, Film Comment critics gave this 32out of 32 stars

"Zombieland", Ruben Fleischer, Film Comment critics gave this 12 out of 32 stars

Meet the critics:
Manohla Dargis of The New York Times
J.R.JOnes of Cjicago Reader
Lisa Kenneday of The Denver Post
Wesley Morris of the Boston Globe
Nicolas Rapold of The L Magazine
Andrew Sarris of Film Comment
Lisa Schwarzbaum of Entertainment Weekly
Gavin Smith of Film Comment
For more information on Film Comment visit:

To visit Billie Jordan:

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Publicity Friends: Here's December's PR Calendar

December PR Calendar

December is AIDS Awareness Month

I suppose you won't have any trouble remembering these, but just in case, I've included dates. Stay tuned for more December info...

Hannukah (December 11th to December 19th)
Christmas Eve (December 24th)
Christmas (December 25th)*
Kwanzaa (December 26th)
New Year’s Eve (December 31st)

Celebrities Who Recently Recieved STars on The Hollywood Walk of Fame

This could be you! A mix of talent and publicity, and Voila! American Kings and Queens...

Ringo Starr, (The Beatles)

Monday, February 8, 2010 at 11:30 a.m.
(Vine Street, north of Hollywood Blvd)
Leslie Caron
("Gigi" "Lili", "An American in Paris")

Tuesday, December 8, 2009, at 11:30 a.m.
(6153 Hollywood Blvd., near El Centro)
John Stamos
("Full House")

Monday, November 16, 2009 at 11:30 a.m.
(7021 Hollywood Blvd, near Sycamore)
Judge Joseph Wapner
("The People's Court")

Thursday, November 12, 2009 at 11:30 a.m.
(6922 Hollywood Blvd, near Orange)
Peter Graves
("Mission: Impossible")

Friday, October 30, 2009 at 11:30 a.m.
(6667 Hollywood Blvd, near Cherokee)
Crystal Gayle
(country singer)

Friday, October 2, 2009 at 11:30 a.m.
(1515 Vine Street, near Sunset)
Dave Koz

Tuesday, September 22, 2009 at 11:30 a.m.
(1750 Vine Street, north of Hollywood Blvd)

George Hamilton
("Love at First Bite", "Dancing With the Stars")

Wednesday, August 12, 2009 at 11:30 a.m.
(7021 Hollywood Blvd, east of Sycamore)

Mark Burnett
(producer: "Survivor", "The Apprentice")

Wednesday, July 8, 2009 at 11:30 a.m.
(6664 Hollywood Blvd, east of Las Palmas)


Cameron Diaz
("There's Something About Mary", "The Mask")

Monday, June 22, 2009 at 11:30 a.m.
(6712 Hollywood Boulevard, west of Las Palmas)


Bill Handel
(KFI radio personality)

Friday, June 12, 2009 at 11:30 a.m.
(6640 Hollywood Boulevard, at Cherokee)

Kyra Sedgwick
("The Closer")

Monday, June 8, 2009 at 11:30 a.m.
(6356 Hollywood Boulevard, west of Ivar)


Marlee Matlin
("Children of a Lesser God")

Wednesday, May 6, 2009 at 11:30 a.m.
(6667 Hollywood Boulevard, west of Cherokee)


George Harrison
(Singer/guitarist - former member of The Beatles)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009 at 11:30 a.m.
(1750 Vine Street, north of Hollywood Blvd)


The Miracles
(R&B group)

Friday, March 20, 2009 at 11:30 a.m.
(7060 Hollywood Boulevard, west of Sycamore)


Chuck Lorre
(Producer/writer: "Two & a Half Men", "The Big Bang Theory",
"Roseanne", "Dharma & Greg", "Cybill")

Thursday, March 12, 2009 at 11:30 a.m.
(7021 Hollywood Boulevard, west of Orange)


William Petersen
("CSI", "To Live & Die in L.A.")

Tuesday, February 3, 2009 at 11:30 a.m.
(6667 Hollywood Blvd, west of Cherokee)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

PR Friends: PR News Repost - CALL FOR ENTRIES

The Benchmark in Legal & Litigation Communications Excellence
Entry Deadline: This Friday, December 4, 2009
Late Entry Deadline: December 11, 2009Enter Online:

The PR News Legal PR Awards recognizes outstanding public relations and media efforts in two major areas: litigation communications among all PR professionals; and PR activities specifically at law firms. This is the only awards program dedicated solely to recognizing the public relations achievements of communications professionals in the legal arena. Start your entry today; the deadline is right around the corner!

6 Shameless Ways You'll Benefit From Publicity!

1. The increased name recognition will lead to higher fees and more clients or fans.

2. Being featured as an expert in a news story will give you more credibility and is cheaper than advertising.

3. Getting your name out in the media will bring long-lasting name recognition to a wide variety of audiences.

4. Reach new markets, expand your client/fan base and increase your profits.

5. People will remember your name after seeing it repeatedly and will contact you to hire you or buy your book/products.

6. Reporters will be contacting you because they’ve seen your name in the publications

As told by president of PR/PR, Pam Lontos

Monday, November 30, 2009


Dear Publicity friends,

Per Michael Odle, public affairs officer at Oregon Air National Guard reserves, as told in PR news, here are 10 tips to remember when crisis strikes.

1. You must have a plan that outlines roles and responsibilities, what to do, where to go, and what can and cannot be released.

2. Have pre-developed talking points. Odle shoots for 20 themes with five talking points per theme.

3. Make press conferences more than just a press conference. Include Web casting and online re-broadcasts of press conferences.

4. Use technology. Olde's team sent tweets calling fo immediate volunteers for sandbagging during flood operations.

5. Utilize local relationships. Use local opionion leaders to augment your story.

6. Release information ASAP. Even if it's sparse, release something.

7. Have a pre-developed (fill-in-the-blank) news released to save time.

8. Monitor errors in facts and immediately correct.

9. Supply pocket messaging cards for all responders

10.Stay calm. People respond better to a calm demeanor.

Olde used these tactics during wildfires in California, the worst firefighter aviation accident in U.S. history and the recent emergency flood operations in North Dakota

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Spotlight on the Press Release:

By:Billie Jordan

This Guy Gets More Mileage These Days…
After a study, PR authorities confirm that PR professionals across the board are using the press release for much more than pitching to traditional news; and so can you; your client or organization.

With the inclusion of search engine optimization practices, keywords and other social media tactics the press release is smartly prepared for prospects and customers, in addition to traditional media. A few public relations specialist have always used the press release this way, but the digital age makes solid this practice.

To begin with, it makes since because, to a large degree customers have cut out the middle man (advertisers) to help them choose products and services. Moreover, gatekeepers no longer control the volume, or structure of the messages about a product or service.

The product, company, brand or talent is in the driver’s seat. With the internet there’s a readily assessable platform to monitor the audience; research, strategize, communicate and evaluate PR strategies. While simultaneously bonding with audiences and creating the climate for loyal constituencies.

These days, consumers go straight to the source, via the internet, when they become interested in a solution to a problem, or when the customer is ready to consider purchases.

And when they come looking, they don’t want to be sold, they want good old information and clarity. If you can provide that adequately enough and satisfy all their inquiries, via the press release and other informative pieces, you are likely to turn your prospect into a customer.

Your PR friend,

-Billie Jordan

Friday, November 27, 2009

Ten "Must Have" Mobile Apps for PR - PRNewser


Yelp is also beneficial for those who need to track reviews for their clients or company 24/7.

Ten "Must Have" Mobile Apps for PR - PRNewser

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Oprah and Ellen Livin' it Up, Screw the Talboids! Ok a Xmas Parody for the 'Bloids

Well shoot... Let us see. I was just at the market and I saw... On the cover of O Magazine... Oprah sitting on top of a big assed white present like she's sitting on top of the world... Everything is white and then there is Ellen...

Ellen Degeneres is standing on the ground below her, leaning up against The huge present Oprah's siting on, and holding a little silver scotch or whiskey container and pouring some into Oprah's champaign glass.

I got to tell you... This is the happiest, most fun scene I've seen in a good while. Oprahs smile is fantastic and everything around the pair is sparkling and white including there wardrobes.

Check out the cover of O magazine and tell me what you think.

Even if you 'aint into celebrating the holidays, come on! You gotta love the spirit!
Hey me too, the spirit is fantabulous!

Like King Kong at the End Of the Movie; Is a News Giant, The Washington Post Preparing for a Fall?

By Billie Jordan,

This week, the Washington Post seems to stumble like the big gorilla, in the movie King Kong , but then sike- out, like the 2007 action Sci Fi Thriller Transformers. Inspiring minds want to know what’s up!

Even with all the wasting away of news publications and uncertainty about the future of news in print, according to sources, the Washington Post is “not” bracing for a giants fall like King Kong at the end of the big Gorilla movie.

It might look like this, but the Washington Post is not stumbling while the ground is shaking under the weight of a real gargantuan, just before the smash; they claim! And neither are the other big Kahunas, like the New York Times, USA Today and The Wall Street Journal.

But unlike the other Kings of news, the Post is making a move that just looks like its fallen from glory, or better breaking a fall… But wait! Nope this is a strategic move like the 2007 heroic autobot Transformers.

At the height of what will be known as the remolding of the media system; a side effect of the internet and social networks.

The Post is cultivating its home field advantage in Politics to differentiate it’s newsworthiness, According to Daily Finance Columnist Jeff Bercovici; Re: Why the Washington Post is Smart to Keep it Local.

All though the post will still maintain a national readership, the focal point will be concentrated on simply its home turf.

Bercovici said, “the Post is defending its turf from, which not only has the muscle to challenge the Post on politics but is now going after it on metro coverage too.”

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New Look of Snipers, Paul Mooney and Tavis Smiley

Paul Mooney was fabulous on Tavis Smiley's show tonight. So much play! So much play! Lately, it's his new book: Black is the New White! I know, shocking title; but he has a helluva explanation for it. You remember the black snipers, who drove around killing up every body, a few years ago? Touchy subject, but wasn't ser...ial killing, long a go, an exclusively white man's occupation? Paul Mooney is raw, but funny! funny! funny!

Black Is the New White IBN #(9781416587958): Paul Mooney,
PR friends: Are your clients ready to write their stories? talk to your girl!
Publicity Rocks!

"Reports of My Death

"Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated." So goes the famous quote by Mark Twain, and it certainly applies today to one significant portion of the newspaper industry: Local Newspapers; This is told by David Olson, VP of ARanet - PR News. PR Friends: Publicist can take advantage of the need for more content at Local papers. Yes! Pitching to the local papers still matters, since 81% of adults still read a local community newspaper every week, according to the National Newspaper Association. And especially since, with staff decreases, editors are hungry for good content and are looking more now than ever to publicist. Just remember to tailor your messages to complement the papers focus. And consider the dominant emotion for today and trending conversations... Recap: Traditional media is still alive and viable to our clients, and easier than ever to accomplish. Publicity Rocks! Visit: Billie Jordan

Monday, November 16, 2009



Saturday, November 14, 2009

Just testing

Just testing...

Friday, November 13, 2009

New Media Colleagues: PR Strategy #5 Combine World Class Techniques of Persuasion with the Viral Power of Twitter - Here's How...

Hey... check it out:

Right now, you can discover more about the hidden world of Twitter Mind Tricks. Kenneth Yu outlines an incredible strategy that combines the sneaky techniques of persuasion with the viral power of Twitter. Yes! this training will dramatically boost yours, or your clients BOTTOM LINE.
Twitter Mind Control
Not everyone will have the opportunity to learn from "the Puppet Master" Kenneth Yu -Which is exactly why you can't pass up this chance find out more about Twitter Mind Control!

I've already snagged a copy, so join me today.

Twitter Mind Control
To Your Success,


P.S. Twitter can be one of the most potent streams of income, that is if you know what you're doing. Find out more from the Puppet Master while the price is still THIS crazy low.

Twitter Mind Control

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New Media Tricks: Grow Your Business With The Best Twitter Marketing System

Grow Your Business with Kenneth Yu's Twitter Marketing System
Twitter has become one of the hottest marketing sites on the web. There is previously unheard of potential to reach an unlimited number of people with your marketing message, provided you use twitter correctly. But, if you don't, your message will most likely fall on deaf ears or will be written off as Spam. Today, you can get an edge over all the competition and grow your business with the best Twitter marketing system available, Twitter Salvation 2.0.
Designed by Kenneth Yu, aka "the puppetmaster", this system offer videos, pdfs, and instructions on a step by step method of growing a following of loyal fanatics who will gladly help you to spread your message for free and hand you targeted leads right to your site.
This system is so effective, it is even recommended by internet marketing experts like Jimmy Vee, the author of "Gravitational Marketing: The Science of Attracting Customers" and owner of Vee says, "Kenneth Yu is my Twitter mentor." Dean Hunt, Buzz marketing expert and owner of Deanhunt.Com says, "I am still trying to get to grips with Twitter, so what I do is try and emulate what Kenneth is doing."
One critical difference that sets Twitter Salvation apart and makes it the best Twitter marketing system is the fact that Kenneth not only tells you what to do to grow your Twitter following, he tells you how to do it in a manner that can land you 500 or more followers within just a couple of hours of implementing the system.
Twitter Salvation combines the best of old world persuasion techniques with the best of modern social media to create a system that works for everybody. Users of the system are taught how to generate high quality leads at no cost, how to transform followers into an effective word of mouth advertising campaign, some quick tricks that make it easy to become "THE" expert in their niche in a month or less, and much more.
As soon as Twitter began to gain in popularity, there was a flutter of hype concerning various marketing methods to be used on this media. As the site has matured, much of the flurry caused by those just curious about the whole deal and wanting to try it out and those seeking as many freebies as they can score has died away. Now, most of the people who use Twitter and follow someone are genuinely interested in what that person has to say. This is why it is so important to gain followers.
If they are already interested in your opinions and ideas, that takes half the battle to turn them into paying customers taken off your hands. Twitter is approaching the stage of maturity now that will allow it to become a cash machine for those who know how to use it.
That is the information provided in the Twitter Salvation 2.0 system. Even the internet marketing experts agree it is the best Twitter marketing system available and the easiest to implement for a successful business growth. And once you use Twitter for business, you'll be surprised by the tremendous results!
And now I would like to invite you to claim your instant access to the Twitter Salvation System for marketing and persuasion tactics for your business by going to:

Plus, you also again access to limited-edition social media tutorials and videos.

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In a changing world, PR is critical.

To entertainers, business owners and entrepreneurs: In a changing world, PR is critical. Monitor the news on your industry & your brands image. For free industry updates and support, just knock. Visit your girl at:

PR collegues, Vocus has a new public relations whitepaper to help prepare for the unk...nowns in the industry for 2010. Focus on crisis communications. Keeps us on our feet in preparation for the rapid changes in the year to come. Plus, experts forcast that businessess will sure need you for those skills

In a changing world,

In a changing world, PR is critical. Monitor the news on your industry & your brands image. for free industry updates: *Billie Jordan, Senior Publicist *Brownstone Publicity Hollywood * * * * 323-798-4365 *Brownstone Publicity Hollywood, *specializes in print communication; trades, news, magazines, Internet, T.V., and radio public relations campaigns, media distribution and complete client/talent visibility for the entertainment industry. Services include new business and talent publicity. *PressCopy Hollywood, Brownstone Publicity's Freelance writing extention*, is a first and last stop copywriting service, which includes; Article writing and placement, copy and book editing, ghost writing, sales letters, email blast, reports, fundraisng packages, newsletters and more... *Let's Get Started! *

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Did You Know? "We are Living in Exponential Times?

Did You Know? "We are living in exponential times" According Kark Fisch, as he discusses the progression of information technology. Check out this video somethings still surprise me.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Business Diary

Billie Jordan is a Graduate of California State University Northridge 2005 - She holds a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Journalism and Public Relations, and a minor in Ethnic Studies and Liberal Arts

She lives in Hollywood, earning a living in the literary arts; entertainment, business and philanthropic publicity, editing and freelance writing.

You could very well bump into her on the streets of Hollywood, she frequents the Wholefoods on Fairfax and Santa Monica, the Bodhi bookstore on Melrose pass La Cienega and the Borders books store on Vine. Not to mention several private and not so private gyms local to the city.

She is currently writing a first novel.

Billie Jordan

Trying on new perspectives