Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Heated "JujuMama" Saga - A Fiery & Controversial Reality Love Drama Played Out in Real Time on Facebook, Lures Voyeurs

- Think New Aged and Urban “Big Love”

By Billie Jordan

It would take something of this magnitude to bring even the hopelessly retreated out of hiding, eagerly. JujuMama, LLC., run by husband and wife team Carl E. and Kenya Stevens explores a spiritually adept, but controversial and renewed paradigm of love; Let’s say “Big Love” style mixed with new age and eastern philosophy.

An exciting episode of the Stevens polyamorous love affair takes root and is played out for the world to voyeur and dissect on Facebook; and dissect they do.

Facebook comments start rolling in after Carl makes and apology to his Mississippi lover, Crystal George for identifying her, when a video show talk host asked about his “side piece”. This thread went on actively for weeks and clocked in nearly 100 passionate comments and counting. Carl's Apology Thread

“Although I don’t believe the host had any negative intentions… we still need to represent our loved ones and other people in the right way. Crystal is my girlfriend and someone whom I love and cherish with all my heart and soul and I will do better to honor the relationship we have,” Carl Stevens said.

Although in a society where broken systems, including American monogamy, are guarded with great ferocity, the taboo formerly associated with polygamist style relationships is fading and up for hot debate. Women seem to be warming up, and curious; and men - well let’s just say they seem excited.

Still warmongers persist, and according to Khayr Love El, a JujuMama facebook supporter, some miss the mark; wielding unsolicited judgment and old world advice in the form of concern.

Meanwhile, Kenya handles the fiery facebook thread philosophically and admits that angry comments directed at her husband’s lover, Crystal, (in a metaphysical sense) are manifestations’ of her own (Kenya’s) mind, and also individually mirror the players, including the facebook “friends” posting comments.

“Love is growth. I too apologize. I’m sorry, I thank you, I love you, please forgive me,” Kenya Stevens said.

For lovers of metaphysics and new-aged spiritual laws, this facebook drama turned into a playground where multiple imbedded story lines/undertones/realties played out as individuals ranted and worked out a variety of belief systems; all while mirroring one another’s love or ferocity.

In the end the Stevens and their new family member, Crystal work out their dispute amicably and demonstrate love and willingness to work out fallibles; misunderstanding, egoism, jealousy, insecurity, fear, control, etc.

It is clear, the big picture in the eyes of the Stevens; is ultimately “Bliss” love and spiritual growth.

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